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Diploma in Agriculture

Diploma in Agriculture course is a 2 years long academic program. Each academic year is usually divided into two semesters.

Diploma in Agriculture course focuses on the discipline of agriculture. A lot of changes can be seen in agricultural practices over time. Earlier, we use to rely more on manual labour and less on technology. With passage of time, technology has advanced. It has influenced our agricultural practices too. We now rely on agricultural machinery, pesticides, fertilizers and concepts of Biology to improve and increase agricultural productivity.

Diploma in Agriculture


Agriculture Engineering

Post Harvest

Livestock and Poultry production

Pursuing a diploma in agriculture offers a vast future scope to the students. They can work as Agricultural officer, Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Inspector and positions alike. 

Diploma in Agriculture is a course which helps you learn the agricultural aspects and the business and in-depth knowledge of agricultural science. Agriculture Diploma course helps the candidates to ascertain the career opportunities in the following fields

  • Agro Processing Industry
  • Livestock Production / Animal Husbandry
  • Agriculture Business Management
  • Post Harvesting Management

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Diploma in Agriculture

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The food we eat, the air we breathe, the animals we nurture, the planet we love

At MIT College of  Agriculture and Technology, you can explore virtually all the elements that make our world a safe, sustainable place to live. You can explore streams, rivers, oceans and skies to improve life for the animals that dwell there. You can develop new ways of farming to nourish our growing population.

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