“சுழன்றும்ஏர்ப் பின்னது உலகம் அதனால்
உழந்தும் உழவே தலை.”

திருவள்ளுவரின் திருக்குறள் – குறள் 1031
விளக்கம் : உழவுத் தொழிலில் இருக்கும் நெருக்கடிகளை எண்ணி, வேறு வேறு தொழிலுக்குச் சென்றாலும் உலகம் ஏரின் பின்தான் இயங்குகிறது. அதனால் எத்தனை வருத்தம் இருந்தாலும் உழவுத் தொழிலே முதன்மையானது.

Portrait of Chairman


Chairman, MIT Institutions


Agriculture is the back bone of India and agriculture education is emerging as knowledge society on the world scene. It become the driving force of our economy. There has been rapid growth of technical and professional institutions in Musiri and near Areas. Assurance of quality in education sector has become extremely important.

MIT Group is a education hub of technical institutes is committed to imparting quality and value-oriented education. In addition to this family, College of Agriculture and Technology was added as crown of MIT with affiliation of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. It has excellent infrastructure and facilities have been created for teaching / learning, academic processes, sports and extracurricular activities. Management is fully committed to ensure highest standards and excellence in educating and equipping our students for their over-all development and growth, so that they become successful members of our society.

MIT has developed strong linkages with industries. Students of MIT Institutions have ample facilities and opportunities to get involved in real life projects along with regular courses and find opportunities to interact with leading experts from industry, top ranking Institutions and other technical fields. Here, teachers use latest teaching and learning techniques very effectively in their lectures / seminars.

Due to the untiring efforts and commitment of the management, faculty and other staff at MIT Group have made impressive progress in every aspect of education delivery and development process. This is why, within a short span of about 5 years, MIT has made its own brand name at Musiri and its nearest locations.

Portrait of Vice Chairman


Vice Chairman

“Our educational group is unanimously keen to scale new heights of glory”

Nation’s progress is governed by the level of skilled expertise available in every niche in the market. Our main focus is on recent futuristic developments that aids us to keep-up our standards at par with global education system. We intensely train students in fields including Information technology, Science, Arts, Literature and technical aspects that strongly makes them competent in career related challenges that requires adept knowledge in advanced technology.

Upon graduation, our students are successful in being conciously aware of all nuances in their business. This enables them to face existing challenges, execute with full potential and come out with flying colors.

Our management smoothly administers CBSE school, Polytechnic as well as Arts and Science Colleges. This year, MIT is all set to welcome it’s upcoming Agricultural as well as Health education departments. The core vision of every agricultural institute is to be able to create opportunities to provide ample food to everyone in the world. On that note, we are bound to give the best resources related to agricultural techniques and production to our international and native students. We clearly foresee a green revolution led by us in near future.

Furthermore, our department of agriculture is well equipped to resolve issues of farming, where the farmers will be assisted directly, onsite.

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