Anti Ragging Committee


Dr. M. Kannan

Principal, MITCAT

Cell: 9994881395

Members of the Committee

1 Dr. S. Kumaravel

Staff Advisor

Cell: 9003559984

2 Dr. S. Suresh

Academic Coordinator

Cell: 9787678020

3 Dr. R. Manikandan

Deputy Warden, Boys Hostel

Cell: 9597000401

4 Dr. M. Devi

Deputy Warden, Girls Hostel

Cell: 9894304061

5 Ms. S. Aishwarya

II Year Coordinator

Cell: 8870019584

6 Ms. S. Harinisri

I Year Coordinator (Girls)

Cell: 8124717588

7 Mr. L. Sundaramoorthy

I Year Coordinator (Boys)

Cell: 9976389889

8 Ms. V. Shyamala Devi I Year Coordinator, Diploma in Agri Cell: 9442871856
9 Mr. D. Ravichandran I Year Coordinator, Diploma in Horti Cell: 9566517177
10 Mr. M. Manimaran

Discipline Coordinator 

Cell: 9688269205

11 Mr. N. Muthukumar

Inspector of Police, Musiri

Cell: 9443283920

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