MITCAT culture is more than just Academics.


The Campus Experience

MIT College of Agriculture and Technology is committed to helping all students reach their personal, academic and career goals. We offer our students numerous services and opportunities for growth including advising, assistance, and career resources. We strongly believe in building community and hands-on learning to prepare students for challenging academic and professional work. 

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Agrarian Life

Agricultural projects can take on a variety of forms, from large‑scale agribusiness to small‑scale permaculture.

Students enjoy a wide range of facilities within the stunning College farms, which provide a backdrop for an rural social scene. We pride ourselves on being large enough that our facilities are on-site whilst offering a friendly atmosphere with a strong sense of community.

Event and Traditions

MITCAT culture is more than just Academics. It is made up of a diverse group of students, researchers and faculty working across disciplines toward a common goal of improving daily life.

Your time at MITCAT shouldn’t be limited to academic learning. Get more from your education by getting involved with our year-round activities. Student Clubs are a great way to meet like-minded people on campus and expand your social network. The clubs in MITCAT provides students all the tools needed to start their own society.  Student societies can host events, fundraise and raise awareness on campus.

Student's Dining Hall at MITCAT

Dining On Campus

MITCAT Dining serves a plentiful array of dishes that are sure to please every palate and accommodate every lifestyle.

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In a time of rapid change, MITCAT Library continues to stand at the center of intellectual life on campus. Our campus libraries are for students, academics and those simply led by their curiosity.

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Laboratory experience is an indispensable part of the educational process and a key factor in preparing students for real practical life.We continuously reviewing, updating and even developing its lab facilities.

Students Computer Lab at MITCAT

Information Technology

MITCAT infrastructure provides computer labs in an effort to facilitate learning through technology, which also used as classrooms for courses that require the technology.

Sports and Recreation

Sports are a great way to stay in shape, connect with other students, develop leadership skills.Student-athletes participate in several varsity sports.

Hostel Rooms at MITCAT


Students Hostel has been built with the high aim of providing comfortable and safe accommodation. College has separate hostels for both boys and girls.

Why Study Here?

The food we eat, the air we breathe, the animals we nurture, the planet we love

At MIT College of  Agriculture and Technology, you can explore virtually all the elements that make our world a safe, sustainable place to live. You can explore streams, rivers, oceans and skies to improve life for the animals that dwell there. You can develop new ways of farming to nourish our growing population.

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