Students Innovation Club (World Innovation Day)

MITCAT Students Innovation Club Inaugurated

As Homo sapiens, we are eager to know how things work — and inspired to make them work better, that’s how civilisations and nations are build.

Innovation, by definition, is the introduction of something new. Without innovation, there isn’t anything new, and without anything new, there will be no progress.

Prioritizing innovation today is the key to unlocking post-crisis growth.

Why Students Innovation club ? Very simple 

“Today’s students Tomorrow’s leaders.”

To develop our Students to be leaders, the first step is to embrace innovative thinking. 

Objective of the Club

  • MITCAT Students Innovation club has a purpose of inspire and learn
  • To come up with great executable ideas without worrying about lack of any substantial support. 
  • To get inspired from such ideas and have a vision of creativity. 
  • To regulate the innovative culture in our college and help all to learn by providing them a platform where they can see others and build their own.
  • To have such great display and opportunities for everyone, so the Club will organise events, discussions and competitions on monthly basis where we aim to include all students irrespective of their branch and year.

Students interacting with Dr P Venkatachalam, Director, Research & Establishment, MIT Institutions and Dr M Kannan, Principal, MITCAT

Details of Students Participants

Bio fortification – III Year B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture

  1.  Ms. Sabitha. S
  2.  Ms. Sandhya. S
  3.  Ms. Sarumathi. K
  4.  Ms. Vasunthara Devi .M

Bee vectoring –II YEAR Diploma Agriculture

  1. Mr. Sugavaneeswaran.S
  2. Mr. Sivanathan .K 

Bio filter –II year B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture

  1. Mr. Arun Kumar.R
  2. Mr. Navaneetha Krishan. M

Nano fertilizers –II Year Diploma Horticulture

  1. Mr. Mohammad Idhris raja. M
  2. Mr. Akash kumar .S
  3. Mr. Vasanth Kumar .S

Reed bed system – III YEAR B.Sc. ( Hons) Agriculture

  1. Mr. Abdur Rahman. M

Microgreens –II Year Diploma Horticulture

  1. Ms. Devi. A

Soil less crop production – III YEAR B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture

  1. Ms. Punitha. S